How To Treat Thrush On The Tongue Quickly

Treat Thrush On The Tongue – The appearance of canker sores on the tongue can certainly be annoying. Thrush can cause discomfort, decreased ability to feel, to the possibility of causing pain or sore on the mouth. This condition is likely to interfere with you while eating and drinking. Sprue is an infection of the mouth caused by fungi. Thrush can be identified from the form that looks like a whitish webbed wound. Not only on the tongue, sprue can also arise in the inner cheeks, gums, tonsils, until the back of the throat.

Treat Thrush On The Tongue

How to treat canker sores on the tongue

Anti-fungal medicine

How To Treat Thrush On The Tongue Quickly – The goal of treatment of mouth ulcers is to stop the spread of fungi. Antifungal medicines can help to treat canker sores on the tongue. The drug can be in the form of tablets, liquid medicine, lozenges, and others.


One choice of mouth ulcers is the antifungal clomatrizole, in the form of a lozenge candy that is left dissolved in the mouth. In addition, there are also antifungal drugs nystatin. The drug is used like a mouthwash that is left in the mouth some time later swallowed.


If the above drugs can not help, the doctor may prescribe fluconazole or itraconazole medications.


Fungal infections that are resistant or have spread to other parts of the body, can use amphotericin B. This drug can be consumed or inserted into the veins through injections.


For babies who still get breast milk (breast milk) exposed to mouth ulcers on the tongue, then the treatment of anti-fungal cream is also given to the mother’s breast. This is to prevent recurrent infections.

Treat Thrush On The Tongue

Thrush on the tongue should get a doctor immediately. This is to prevent the risk of spreading the infection to other body parts.


Home Care

Some of the following ways can be done alone at home to help relieve the pain of canker sores on the tongue.


Treat Thrush On The Tongue Quickly – Brushing your teeth twice a day. This is done to maintain oral hygiene. If necessary, use dental floss or dental floss once every day. Frequently replace the toothbrush when exposed to fungal infections. Avoid using toothbrushes with others, even if they are relatives or spouses.

Do not use mouthwash or spray. This is to avoid changing the atmosphere for the growth of oral normal flora, except as recommended by the doctor for certain mouthwashes.

Gargling with salt water. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in one cup of warm water. Then gargle for a while and discard. You can rinse with this salt water several times a day.

Treat Thrush On The Tongue

Consumption of cold drinks or juice. If thrush feels pain when you drink, then use a straw.

Choose foods that do not need much chewed. For example, soft foods, gelatin and ice cream.

Unsweetened yogurt.

Limit your intake of sugars and yeast-containing products. Such as bread, beer, and wine that can encourage the development of mushrooms.

Do not underestimate thrush on the tongue, especially if it is disturbing and protracted. Consult a doctor for further treatment.

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